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Mon, Aug 26, 2024, 8:00 AM MDT – Fri, Aug 30, 2024, 5:00 PM MDT
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5-Day Law Enforcement Reactive Shooting Science Handgun Instructor Development

You will learn the Reactive Shooting Science doctrine and will also develop your skills as an instructor to ensure your officers are well-prepared to defend themselves and the community. This course will delve deeply into what it takes to shoot at true fighting speeds while maintaining shot placement accountability. You will learn how to diagnose shooting errors and correct them at speed without “slowing down to get your hits.” As a firearms instructor, it is your obligation to provide the best possible training for those under your charge. You will find that training in this course.

We focus not just on shooting skills but also on the knowledge and mindset to improve and gain consistent performance. Our training grounds the students solidly in Reactive Shooting Science(TM) with an emphasis on building consistently high performers with a firearm.

Course Syllabus

Day 1

  • Lecture – Skill development, Levels of competence, The process of myelination, How to progress in training
  • Fire Control Tringle - Purposes and principles of the Fire Control Triangle:
  • Handgun stance, grip, and trigger control
  • Live fire validation exercises
  • How to create a shooting rhythm and develop the ability to control the gun, firing multiple shots at gunfight speed.
  • Live fire validation exercises
  • Creating a bio-mechanical shooting platform
  • Live fire validation exercises and challenge metrics evaluation drills
  • Group debrief and feedback

Day 2

  • Vision (lecture) What do we need to see to deliver an accurate shot for minimal time?
  • TPC 24 – how to test and diagnose our shooting platform.
  • Visual acceptability and Focal Continuum. What sight picture is good enough when we need to engage the target fast.
  • Live fire exercises (practical application of visual acceptability)
  • The Reactive Shooting Cycle (the algorithm of the shot) – the ability to deliver a shot as soon as possible with the maximum probability of a hit. 
  • Shooter diagnostics
  • Handgun Error Chart – discussion and exercises
  • Debrief and feedback

Day 3

  • Lecture – Principles of kinetic efficiency (applications in firearm manipulations)
  • Building a perfect draw from the holster S.A.F.E. series – sight alignment by feel exercise.
  • Dry and live fire exercises and evaluation challenge drills
  • Engaging multiple targets – vision, biomechanics, the principle of management of momentum. 
  • Live fire exercises
  • Group debrief and feedback 

Day 4

  • Single hand only shooting
  • Live fire exercises
  • Continuity of Fire – reloads and malfunctions
  • Live fire exercises and challenge evaluation drills
  • Instructor development lecture – Qualities of a professional instructor, Sequence of delivery of information: verbal, visual, kinesthetic
  • Development of group presentations
  • Group debrief and feedback

Day 5

  • Review of days 1-4
  • Shooting on the move – key elements and efficiency measurement
  • Practical Shooting Qualifications – all instructor candidates must score a Sharpshooter ranking on at least 3 shooting challenge evaluation drills.
  • Group presentations
  • Class debrief, certificates, etc.


• Good eye and ear protection (we recommend electronic).
• 2000 rounds of ammunition.
• Serviceable/safe duty handgun with at least three spare magazines.
• A backup handgun if you have one, just in case!
• A sturdy belt, duty-type holster that protects the trigger and mag pouches.
• Hat and clothing to suit the weather and the brass. We recommend that high-neck shirts be worn.
• To keep your hands more comfortable through the learning process, we recommend that you bring athletic tape.
• Water/ electrolyte drinks/ snacks to keep up your energy.
• A notebook/pen or pencil.


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Otto Road Shooting Range, 1531 Otto Rd, Cheyenne, WY, United States


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