Rossen was an awesome instructor for the course. He ensured everyone was safe and his training principles built on one another, helping us all improve our carbine handling. He also made the class fun!


The best place to learn to shoot a handgun well. TPC provides the how and why, along with instructor demonstrations, coupled with science to dramatically improve shooting performance. Takes you to new heights, previously unimagined. Organized, professional curriculum, with measurable performance standards. You owe it to yourself to visit and experience TPC!


Amazing class experience. All instructors are extremely competent and descriptive in the reasons behind each lesson/topic. The resources provided through the class were extremely useful in defining my path to success, and I will be implementing them into all future practice sessions.

Class: HANDGUN MASTERY - Richmond Rod & Gun Club, CA

Amazing course, the information and instructions are delivered in a deliberate and methodical manner in which the principles, and purposes build upon each other. This course is applicable to all levels of shooters.


I received the best instruction I have ever had. Breaking down the stance, grip and trigger into small bites made it so much clearer for me. I had 2 goals when I started the class - to get on my second shot faster and decrease the speed of my draw. Both goals were accomplished. Rossen was a very hands on and attentive teacher. He helped each student individually without tiring. I am so thankful that I took the class and look forward to Handgun Mastery 2.

Class: HANDGUN MASTERY - Benton County, IN

I’ve attended many classes, Handgun Mastery is by far the most in depth approach to shooting. Everything was broken down to simple, reliable micro movements. The system gives you a repeatable steps that not only helps you get faster as you progress, it helps you self diagnose. If you apply and practice what they teach, you will be amazed on how fast and accurate you will become. On day 2, they had me shooting faster than I new was even possible. The course far exceed my expectations. The instructor was also in a class of his own. Look no further for better training. This is definitely the spot!

Class: HANDGUN MASTERY - Benton County, IN

It was exactly what I was hoping for and then some! Instructor was amazing and super helpful. Best rifle instruction I have ever received. I got a lot of 1 on 1 help and had a lot of fun! Thanks TPC!!


Five star all the way. I have attended a few really good pistol classes in the past, However the technique that TPC teaches definitely Will take my shooting up a couple notches. We are already planning our next training with TPC.

Class: Handgun Mastery - CORE 2

Rossen and Louie were awesome instructors and mentors. Their handgun mastery training is great. They covered the mental, physical and scientific aspects. They helped me figure out my weak points and now I could build on that and improve. I highly recommend this course and I plan to take the part 2.

Class: HANDGUN MASTERY - Richmond Rod & Gun Club, CA

Course content was very well thought out. For me, as a very inexperienced shooter of 7 decades plus, at times I felt like I was drinking through a firehose, and certainly didn’t perfect anything, but then I didn’t expect to. But now, I feel like I have a roadmap to follow toward becoming a more competent shooter. It will require me to put in the practice, doing both dry fire and live fire exercises, but now I know what to do to progress.

The fact that they have the targets on the TPC website that you can print out plus the TPC challenges that you can take to see how you are progressing is a real plus. I recommend the course for people like myself who are more toward the beginner end of the spectrum. By taking it when you are new to shooting, you should avoid developing bad habits that may be hard to break later on. However, more experienced shooters (including competitive shooters) told me that they gained a lot from the course.

We were a smaller group and Rossen was the only instructor. I can’t imagine anyone being better. Long before attending this class, I had watched every one of his videos that I could find. And every one of his videos was excellent. In person, it was no different. I hope to see him again for more instruction.


Great day, great class, Tier one level of instruction that Doesn’t go over Your head.
You simply won’t find this kind of instruction At such a high level anywhere for such a nominal fee highly recommend

Class: Handgun Mastery - CORE 1

I have followed The Practical Shooting Academy since it’s inception by Ron Avery. Now with TPC as the legacy of Avery, Rossen Hristrov follows much of the Avery philosophy while adding his own personal and professional twist. This is the best handgun course I’ve ever taken. Ross has developed the course into an anatomic, biologically, neurologically, and physiologically useful course on how to operate a handgun that is directed at all level shooters from new, out-of-the-box-shooters, to professional shooters. It is truly a course for “shooters.” The 3 day Handgun Mastery program is demanding but fun. Listening to Ross during breaks was fascinating as his background is from a worldwide perspective. It was a pleasure watching him work using his analogies, things and processes already known. This is a must-take course.

Class: HANDGUN MASTERY - Benton County, IN

The class was very unique, in great way. The depth and detail for all areas of instruction was second to none. It was obvious the “why” was the driving factor in the training methodology which was easily translated into better shooting results. This training provides the holistic foundation for all levels to greatly improve their individual pistol shooting performance. More importantly, the confidence to continue the journey. The instructors were personable, proficient in instruction and shooting ability and ran a well organized class. Thank you TPC !


Absolutely top-shelf content and instruction. I’m excited for handgun mastery 2, whenever we’re fortunate to have it close to San Diego, as well as the carbine course. This was a phenomenal class with teir-1 instructors, and I would recommend it to even the most experienced instructor.


Be ready to unlearn old myths and gain a COMPLETE understanding, Down to the most minute detail.
Great class!! I’m a much better shooter and 100% better instructor after taking this class!

Class: HANDGUN MASTERY - San Antonio, TX

If all I came home with was what I learned the first morning, this class would be worth it. I thought I knew and had a good understanding of the basics. TPC takes the basics and breaks them down even further. Attending this class really help me break down the shooting process so I could see what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. I have attended many shooting classes from different instructors. This is the first time the entire shooting cycle has been broken down in a way I can understand and improve my shooting. I could see a major leap in improvement from day one to day three. The coarse is great. Rossen is a great instructor. I think this a must class for anyone who shoots a handgun.


Fantastic class. I have attended many classes and this is by far the most informative and useful. Not only do they provide detailed and concise instructions on stance, grip, trigger control, draw and target transitions but they also provide the knowledge to help you diagnose your errors and correct them yourself. Even though it covers “the basics” this class will benefit new shooters and is absolutely essential for very experience shooters.

Class: Handgun Mastery - Austin, TX

The class exceeded my expectations. I came into the class hoping to improve my fundamentals. I finished the class with so much more. I feel like I have plan on how to continue progressing along with the tools and drills needed. Practicing pistol shooting is fun again. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve fundamentals and gain a deeper understanding of why the fundamentals are important.

Class: Handgun Mastery - Waxahachie, TX

Great class and Ron would be proud how you are continuing the legacy.

Class: Handgun Mastery 2 - Richmond Rod & Gun Club, CA

TPC is the best training in the industry! Thanks for an awesome class

Class: Handgun Mastery 2 - Richmond Rod & Gun Club, CA

I cannot say enough how awesome of an experience this course was. Rossen was completely willing to spend time individually with me and work to establish basics in terms that I could understand and immediately implement to improve. Coming in as a beginner to handguns, I feel like a completely new shooter that also is able to take what I learned over the weekend and continue to improve. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to feel competent and proficient with their handgun skills take this class and I plan to take as many as my schedule will allow me to in the future. Thanks TPC!

Class: Challenge Mastery

The course curriculum for TPC Handgun Mastery 2 is the most methodical modern scientific approach to marksmanship out there! Builds mastery layer by layer. Transformative! Hoorah!

Class: Handgun Mastery 2 - Richmond Rod & Gun Club, CA

This was the second time taking Handgun Mastery and there is so much information, each consecutive time only benefits. Rossin and Louie are a wealth of knowledge and have an incredible way of breaking it down and making sure everyone understands. I am looking forward to the next opportunity and recommend TPC to everyone that wants the real deal. The TPC website is also great for reviewing the process and being able to print and use the targets is a great resource. Thank you guys for all time and willingness to share your art.

Class: Handgun Mastery - San Diego, CA

Rossen and Louis are just simply the best! Their teaching methods are comprehensive, structured and easy to understand. This course is a must for anyone who wishes to improve their skills and learn the practicalities of defensive pistol applications. I can’t wait to come back for more!

Class: DEFENSIVE HANDGUN Mastery (2 Day - Richmond, CA)

The progress I experienced in this three day class far exceeded my expectations. The principal based learning style, mixed with a laser focus on every step, muscle and mindset was fantastic. The instructors were excellent and very real shooters themselves. Their diagnostics and corrections of my weaknesses came from a solid understanding of the shooting platform and made a big difference every time they pointed something out. (You will want to take notes all day on the range, so bring a note book that is field worthy)

Class: Handgun Mastery (Denver, Colorado)

This by far has been the most comprehensive and effective handgun fundamentals class that I have taken in years. All three instructors, Rossen, Aaron and Louie were exceptional and attentive to all the students and presented their material in a clear manner. I would highly recommend this class and wished I had taken it years ago!!!
Awesome class!!!!

Class: Handgun Mastery (Richmond, CA - near SF)