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Mon, Oct 28, 2024, 8:00 AM PDT – Wed, Oct 30, 2024, 4:30 PM PDT
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Тhe Handgun Mastery class uses the principles our proven Scientific Shooting System to combine the science of performance with the best shooting techniques in the world. Beginner, intermediate and advanced shooters will achieve immediate performance improvement as we show you how to use these principles in your training program.

This class is for you if:
• You want to become a much better shooter, either for self-defense or for sport application
• You want to rapidly improve your shooting skills
• You want to learn how to practice effectively for continued improvement
• You have reached a performance plateau and are stuck • You want a system that is tailored to you
• You are a law enforcement, military, or civilian and want to improve your program

What We Teach:
• The Fire Control Triangle: Stance, Grip, Trigger Control - how to stay in control when shooting at high speed.
• The Reactive Shooting Cycle - how to use it to analyze your shooting, improve your skills and reach your true potential as a shooter.
• Advanced visual concepts to speed up first shot target acquisition as well as processing shots during multiple shot sequences.
• Advanced drawing and target acquisition - learn to draw and shoot faster and better than you ever have before.
• Multiple target engagement - learn how to engage multiple targets with accurate hits in absolutely minimum time.

• Good eye and ear protection (we recommend electronic).
• 1 500 rounds of ammunition.
• Serviceable/safe handgun with at least three spare magazines.
• A backup handgun if you have one, just in case!
• A sturdy belt, OWB kydex type holster that protects the trigger and mag pouches. • Hat and clothing to suit the weather and the brass. We recommend that high neck shirts be worn.
• To keep your hands more comfortable through the learning process, we recommend that you bring athletic tape.
• Water/ electrolyte drinks/ snacks to keep up your energy.
• A notebook/pen or pencil.


Relevant Feedback


Amazing class experience. All instructors are extremely competent and descriptive in the reasons behind each lesson/topic. The resources provided through the class were extremely useful in defining my path to success, and I will be implementing them into all future practice sessions.

Class: HANDGUN MASTERY - Richmond Rod & Gun Club, CA

I received the best instruction I have ever had. Breaking down the stance, grip and trigger into small bites made it so much clearer for me. I had 2 goals when I started the class - to get on my second shot faster and decrease the speed of my draw. Both goals were accomplished. Rossen was a very hands on and attentive teacher. He helped each student individually without tiring. I am so thankful that I took the class and look forward to Handgun Mastery 2.

Class: HANDGUN MASTERY - Benton County, IN

I’ve attended many classes, Handgun Mastery is by far the most in depth approach to shooting. Everything was broken down to simple, reliable micro movements. The system gives you a repeatable steps that not only helps you get faster as you progress, it helps you self diagnose. If you apply and practice what they teach, you will be amazed on how fast and accurate you will become. On day 2, they had me shooting faster than I new was even possible. The course far exceed my expectations. The instructor was also in a class of his own. Look no further for better training. This is definitely the spot!

Class: HANDGUN MASTERY - Benton County, IN

Five star all the way. I have attended a few really good pistol classes in the past, However the technique that TPC teaches definitely Will take my shooting up a couple notches. We are already planning our next training with TPC.

Class: Handgun Mastery - CORE 2


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Linden Gun Range, 828 S Hewitt Rd, Linden, CA, United States


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